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I am a British actress, writer and voiceover artist. Thanks for dropping by!

Here’s some self trumpety stuff…

I trained at the Royal Scottish Academy of Music and Drama and then did theatre for 12 years in the UK and Europe. I first came to the US with French classic, The Red Balloon at the Mark Taper some years ago. I returned later that year with a solo show, Martha for the Annenberg Centre, toured to the Kennedy centre and the New Victory on Broadway, and the International showcase in Philidelphia where I won the Victor Award.

Before I left the UK, I worked as a series recurring on BBC’s Half Moon Investigates and narrated BBC3’s TV show, My Childhood which won a Scottish BAFTA. My subsequent visit to the US was courtesy of the Smithsonian with Cuhulainn the hound of Ulster, and I was then invited to join the rep company in Honolulu theatre for a year, playing Aerial in The Little Mermaid.

Since then, I live both in LA and in Manchester, UK. I spend my time shooting, writing and voiceovering wherever I am. I do voice matching and voicework full time – current campaigns are for Jet 2, Sunny Finance, some work for NASA and How To Train Your Dragon 2. Check out my mobile game app, Melissa and the Heart of Gold on Itunes – we got over a millions subscribers in the first month of our launch.

I have voiced about 30 audiobook, including the memoirs which have been sourced as the inspiration behind Downtown Abbey.

‘Josie Marks’ is my guest-starring character in HBO’s 3rd season of The Newsroom, and I play Princess, one of the 6 bitchy leads of Crazy Bitches. Watch this space for Crazier Bitches, coming soon!

Oh – I also play the accordion pretty badly, but with gusto.

H O T  O F F  T H E  P R E S S

a One Woman Show

Heroine is a true story of a female soldier in the US army: an outsider who wouldn’t quit.

She loved its challenges; thrived and excelled within that rigorous world.  At the time she enlisted, she was the only woman in her entire company, a lesbian before ‘Don’t Ask, Don’t Tell’ was repealed, and went on to lead a squad into combat. Also a survivor of military sexual trauma, she served on the battlefield alongside her assailants.  Heroine is an incredible human story is about one soldier’s experiences, and what healing and forgiveness really mean.

Speaking out for the first time can feel like the most dangerous way to come home.

Heroine was awarded a grant from Creative Scotland Producers Project this year, and I was invited to perform it on Theatre Row, NYC after a period of development in the UK. See the latest updates here – www.heroinetheplay.com and holy hell trailer below!

I was Story Coach to the director for the entire process of this fabulous Sundance movie, coming out in theatres in May 2016. 

Holy Hell Trailer



Crazy Bitches Audience Reaction

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